The Sustainable Box

Want to be more sustainable but not sure how? We are here to help. We have carefully selected and researched a range of sustainable products that we think you’ll love to use in your home. Each product has information on the impact it can have by making some minor changes.

Carbon Pirates Roadtrip

Two Carbon Pirates set themselves the challenge of living as sustainable as possible on a roadtrip. The aim was to see how easy or difficult it would be to make certain changes to our lifestyle and to test new products and ideas on the way.

Tiny House

Instead of buying the biggest house we can afford, why not buy the house we actually need? We set ourselves the mission to investigate how much space you actually need, whether this makes you more (or less) happy and in which way this movement is good for the Environment.

Interviews: Low-footprint travel

We perform interviews with several nomads that have decided to not travel by plane. Instead they go by bus, train and bike. Read the interviews in our series.