We are on a mission to lower CO2
emissions and combat climate change

Plant Trees

Plant Trees

talks and events

Talks & Events

sustainable travel

Sustainable travel

Carbon Pirates recently attended an event organized by Shubhendu Sharma, famous of the Miyawaki tree planting method. We are currently in the proces of acquiring land in order to help reforestation in Europe.

If you are interested in collaborating either as a land owner, or as a company or individual wishing to offset your footprint with trees; please get in touch with us.

Carbon Pirates captain, Sander was recently trained to become a Climate Reality leader by Vice-President Al Gore.

Carbon Pirates organises talks & events across Europe, informin companies and individuals about how and why we must change to secure life on this planet.

Carbon Pirates believe that flying is a luxury that this planet cannot afford. Therefore we aim to travel as sustainably as possible. So far we have road tripped to Spain, and taken the train across the USA. We also showcase others who also choose alternative forms of transport.

If you are interested in sponsoring us in sustainable travel or have a journey you would like to share, please get in touch with us.

about us

About us

Carbon Pirates was founded by two Entrepreneurs. Alisa from London & Sander from the Netherlands.

Four years ago we achieved our dream of running a successful location independent business that gave us the opportunity to dedicate our free time and energy to causes we care about – climate change!

Find out more about our beliefs and what Carbon Pirates stand for.

Why climate change

If we continue to release CO2 at the current rate, the planet will be set for global disaster within 12 years. The fate of our planet, and more accurately all our lives, lies in our hands. It’s time to act!

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