What is a Carbon Pirate?

Carbon Pirates believe that Climate change is a real and world-threatening issue.
We fight against the release of Carbon and other greenhouse gasses to protect our beautiful planet.

We do this by raising awareness about our environmental issues and providing easy actionable steps.
This way we can all play our part in defending our planet, for ourselves and future generations to come.

The Carbon Pirate treasure map.

CarbonPirates hold believes that form our road-map in life.
By following these values we believe we can have the most amount of impact in the least amount of time.
Join our crew and join our adventure to a Carbon neutral world.

Carbon Emissions

The release of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses is causing a rapid increase of the average earth temperature. We have the strong believe we should cut CO2 emissions immediately and reduce them at a rapid rate to achieve near zero-emissions.

Plastic waste

Plastic is killing our oceans and suffocating our planet, literally. As most of our plastic ends up in the oceans, fish and other sea animals are dying from eating plastic. Not only does this end up in your food, it causes a rapid decline in the oceans health. The oceans are responsible for 50% of the worlds oxygen production. If the oceans die, we all die.

Science over Lobbying

Decisions should be made based on scientific research, not by who has the most amount of money. For decades our governments have been influenced by big companies and wealthy individuals. Carbon Pirates believe that every decision should be based on science, whether it is health care, transport or climate solutions.

Each purchase is a vote

Every time you buy anything you are casting a vote, whether this is buying something in the shop, eating in a restaurant or going on a flight. Each ‘vote’ will be an incentive for a company to keep selling that product.

If we want companies to change we can make them change by voting better solutions and stop using wasteful items. Stop buying plastic wrapped food, choose less meat, refill your water bottle. All these small votes add up if we do it as a community.


“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

We live in a society of indulgence and instant gratification; causing massive amounts of waste that just ends up on landfills. As a Carbon Pirate we believe in buying only what you really need, reusing what you already have and sharing what you can spare. This goes for housing, clothing, transport, gadgets, food; and basically anything we will ever ‘own’ or use.

Reductionisme over Extremism

Often it can be more effective to change many things a little, then a few completely. Instead of trying to make somebody become ‘extremely’ sustainable, try to aim for most effectiveness. Making 10 people eat less meat will have more impact than converting 1 person into a vegetarian.

You can have an impact

As a community we can and will make an impact. You can vote for the things you want, you can offset what you cannot prevent and you can educate those who are ready for it. Carbon Pirates do not try to live the Extreme lifestyle, we try to show a more sustainable lifestyle that is achievable for everyone. Don’t frown upon somebody that eats meat, uses the car or goes on a tropical holiday. Try to talk to them so they will make small changes that will have a large impact over time.

Convert people into Pirates

Knowledge is the basis of change; and as Carbon Pirates we try to inform those around us. This does not mean trying to force people to change their habits; instead we are trying to stimulate and educate them into making more sustainable choices. Every person is at a different stage, and the education should be tailored for that. Don’t become angry if that meat-lover does not want to become vegetarian overnight, try to make him realize his impact and that just a little less meat will already help. Reductionisme over Extremism.

How do you become a Carbon Pirate?

Easy! All you have to do is acknowledge yourself as a Carbon Pirate! Make a sign which says “I’m a Carbon Pirate”, take a selfie and post it on any kind of social media with the hashtag ‘ImACarbonPirate’. Now you have joined the community of Carbon Pirates!

Pirate note: Make the note on a reusable item or an item that will be discarded anyway.

Who are we?