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What are the biggest causes of Carbon Emissions?

By August 23, 2018October 16th, 2018Climate Change

There are a few obvious ones, but do you know what are your biggest causes of CO2 emissions?
Did you know that eating meat might be the most damaging thing we can do to the planet?

Carbon emissions per industry

Source: IPCC (2014)

The biggest causes around the world are:

  • Electricity & Heat (25%)
  • Agriculture, Forestry & other land use (24%)
  • Industry (21%)
  • Transportation (14%)
  • Other energy (10%
  • Buildings (6%)

These numbers are averages. Your personal impact might be very different. Have a look at our tips for driving more sustainable, try to reduce your meat consumption and buy conscious. Have a look at our Manifesto to see what you personally can do to reduce emissions.


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