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Students against Climate Change

By February 7, 2019April 21st, 2019Climate Change, Inspiration

What started as a movement in Belgium has now spread out to the surrounding countries. Today thousands of students are standing up and protesting for a better environmental policy. They are protesting to protect there own future and to keep this planet a safe place for all of us.

The protest in Belgium has been going for 4 weeks now. With similar protests in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. They are supported by the countries leading scientist who in an open letter once more emphasize the urgency of the matter.

The scientist refer to the latest IPCC report that warns for desastreus consequences if we do not take immediate action. Without a proper plan, temperature will increase with 1.5 degrees Celsius between 2032 and 2052. 1.5 degrees might not sound like much, but this is the upper limit of what is considered ‘safe’ by the scientific community. Anything above this will most likely escalate the temperature increase as feedback loops will kick into place. Once we cross this 1.5 degrees, there might be no going back.

The students are now standing up and demanding political leadership to protect their planet. If the adults are too bogged up in their daily politics about economic growth, it might be time for the youth to step up and show us the way.

Students against climate change

What do you think about these students? Should we all join them and march against our governments? Or there is a more effective approach?

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