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Trashtag Challenge

By March 21, 2019April 7th, 2019Climate Change, Inspiration

We are amazed by the latest craze that is hitting the internet. It is called the #TrashTag Challenge and is challenging people to clean up the planet!
In this newest trend people take a before picture of a place with a lot of trash, and take an after picture once they cleaned it up. A great example of how we can use modern techniques and trends to have a positive impact.

Our founder “Sander” was challenged and was able to collect 8 bags of plastic in under an hour.

I was amazed by how much trash was hiding everywhere. At first the place did not even look that dirty. But once you start cleaning you will find plastic everywhere. Behind the trees, under the ground and even between roots! It was shocking to see how much plastic was around and how it simply broke into thousands of smaller pieces.

Now 8 bags is perhaps not gonna make a difference in the grand scheme of things, but imagine if we get this TrashTag challenge viral! To help this we have challenged 4 individuals to take up the challenge themselves. Lets see what they come up with!

Did you also do a #Trashtag challenge? Make sure to post your picture below and share with our community. We have copy pasted some inspiration from instagram below.

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