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#RealMenEatSalad challenge

Eating meat is killing our planet, and there is nothing manly about that!
To bring awareness to the impact of our meat-culture we challenge everybody to the ‘Real men eat Salad Challenge’ !

What is the Challenge?

  1. If you are a man, take a picture of yourself enjoying a delicious salad.
    If you are a woman, convince two of your most manly friends to become a star in our new campaign
  2. Upload your pictures to Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #RealMenEatSalad
  3. Nominate two of your friends to do the same things and spread it forward

Together we can change the meat culture into a more planet-friendly diet.


Carbon Pirate tip : Instead of firing up your BBQ with excessive amounts of meat; why not try one of the delicious vegetarian alternatives?


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