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Recycling won’t save us

By January 25, 2019April 21st, 2019Climate Change

Over the last few months there seems to be an increase in awareness among people. Reducing plastic, eating less meat and taking less flights seem to have reached peoples awareness. A great development that gives us hope of change in the near future. We often compare it to smoking, which turned from ‘cool’ to ‘uncool’ in a matter of years, with a massive decline as a result.

However, when it comes to climate change we hear a lot of talk, but not a lot of effective action. We have now reached a stage where small steps and slow progression are simply not good enough. It is urgent time for decisive action that has real impact. Calculated strategies that will actually save us from the coming disaster, instead of just make us feel good about it.

What we see now is people becoming aware of the problem, but only kidding themselves that they are making a difference. The complexity of the issue does not help. But anno 2019 the science is clear and the facts are out. There is no excuse anymore for not taking action. Most of the times it seems people are so hung up and attached to their comfort zones, they are desperately clinging on. Recycling helps, but it is about not using that plastic in the first place. Driving electric helps, but it is about driving less in the first place. Offsetting your flying helps, but it is about not taking that flight at all.

What we need is REAL CHANGE. A change in mindset among all of us. To understand that if we do not change now under our own command; we will be forced to change by the planets command. We have little time to determine our own future, until it is taken away from us and we will be forced out of our comfort zones. Not making the changes now, will lead to much more significant changes in the near future.

Every little action helps and we strongly encourage anyone to take those steps. But taking little actions will not excuse for you taking bigger actions. You can’t excuse yourself anymore for not knowing. The facts are out there, and if you do not act you can blame only yourself. It is time to live up to the challenge and start giving up some of the privileges we have been enjoying. It is NOT normal to fly away for a weekend, it is NOT normal to eat meat every day, it is NOT normal to buy new clothes every week. It is time for a change in mindset

Step up to the challenge

We encourage everyone to start making REAL impact. Real changes that will benefit all of us. JOIN our community to share your changes, find inspiration and ask for tips and recommendations.

Together we can make a difference.

Our top tips against climate change

  • Try to reduce your meat consumption
  • Fly less
  • Try to develop a healthy relation towards shopping
  • And remember, individual actions matter, together we are strong

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